Dual Citizenship Services

statue-185If you are an American citizen, and are interested in acquiring dual U.S. – Italian citizenship, we can help. Journeys Thru Italy has partnered with a national consulting firm, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, that assists individuals throughout the U.S. in obtaining U.S. – Italian Dual Citizenship.



We offer comprehensive services at affordable rates:

  • Guidance regarding the Eligibility Requirements and Application Procedures
  • Expert assistance in complying with all Italian consulate requirements
  • Accurate translation of all U.S. documents
  • Procurement of Italian birth, marriage and death records
  • Genealogical research of your Italian ancestor (birth, marriage, death records)
  • Obtain U.S. Naturalization records of your Italian ancestor
  • Procurement of U.S. Vital records and Apostille

Benefits of Dual U.S.-Italian Citizen include:

  • Establishing a connection with your Italian heritage
  • Being able, without restriction, to work, reside and study in Italy and other EU nations
  • Having an unrestricted ability to acquire property in Italy
  • Providing the ability to automatically transfer your Italian citizenship to your minor children
  • Granting Dual U.S. – Italian Citizenship eligibility for your adult children

If you are interested in Dual U.S. – Italian Citizenship contact us.