Our Story

about-usWe first traveled to Italy over 30 years ago, drawn there by a sense of wanting to learn more about our Italian ancestry.

We have been returning each year since, discovering new and exciting places, making new friends, and experiencing the many aspects of the Italian culture and people.

Over those 30 years we have had the opportunity to share our “Italian Journeys” with family and friends.  We have enjoyed regional cooking classes, unique concerts and cultural events, and exploring some of the country’s best and most famous wineries.   Through our travels we became immersed in the local culture of Italy’s many regions, small villages, and major cities.

As our passion for Italy became known, we were asked to create journeys to Italy for others who wanted to experience what we were so fortunate to have enjoyed throughout our Italian travels. Thus, our travel consultancy was born.

Like any travel adventure, unexpected difficulties can arise.  Over the years we have had our share of disappointing hotels, meals or transportation glitches.  Our goal is to insure that you avoid these kinds of situations, and have the best possible Italian experience.  But, should an unexpected difficulty arise, you will have immediate access to our local support services.

All of our journeys have been personally tested by us.  We do not receive commissions as do traditional travel agents, so our sole commitment is to you.

Let us help you plan a perfect journey thru Italy.  Contact us.